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The neodymium pot magnets have a high clamping force. They support a maximum working temperature of 80ºC and on request we can supply parts for maximum working temperatures of 150ºC.

Pot magnet Ø36x7.6 mm, M6 internal thread - Holds 29 kgs

Item Code: CUP-G36

Pot magnet with internal thread, ø = 36 mm, with internal thread (M6), magnet made of neodymium, pot made of steel, nickel-plated, strength approx. 29 kgs.

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These Neodymium cup magnets (diameter 36 mm × height 7.6 mm) feature an M6 internal thread that allow them to be screwed together with objects that have a compatible external thread. An added advantage of pot magnets is that they are resistant to chipping or cracking following constant impact with a steel surface. It has a pull force of 29 kg (approx. 63.933 lbs).


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Item Code D Total height (H) Thread Power
CUP-G12 12 5 M3 3
CUP-G16 16 5.2 M3 4
CUP-G20 20 7.2 M4 6
CUP-G25 25 7.7 M5 14
CUP-G32 32 7.8 M5 23
CUP-G36 36 7.6 M6 29
CUP-G42 42 8.8 M6 32
CUP-G48 48 10.8 M8 63
CUP-G60 60 15 M8 95
CUP-G75 75 17.8 M10 155
Item Code D Total height (H) Thread Power