Pot magnet Ø16x5.2 mm, M3 internal thread

Item Code: CUP-G16


Pot magnet with internal thread, ø = 16 mm, with internal thread (M3), magnet made of neodymium, pot made of steel, nickel-plated, strength approx. 4 kgs.

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16 mm (0.63 ") diameter x 5.2mm ( 0.205 " ) with an M3 internal thread cap magnet / pot magnet. It has a pull force of 4 kg (approx. 8.818 lbs).

In applications in which a strong magnetic hold is required, but the magnet also needs to be easily removed, an eyebolt or screw that’s been threaded into the magnet can simply be tightened to lift the magnet off of the surface. Once the magnet has been slightly separated from the surface it will then be much easier to pull off. This is perfect for applications where the magnet will be used in a tight space and may be difficult to remove otherwise.


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Item Code D Total height (H) Thread Power
CUP-G12 12 5 M3 3
CUP-G16 16 5.2 M3 4
CUP-G20 20 7.2 M4 6
CUP-G25 25 7.7 M5 14
CUP-G32 32 7.8 M5 23
CUP-G36 36 7.6 M6 29
CUP-G42 42 8.8 M6 32
CUP-G48 48 10.8 M8 63
CUP-G60 60 15 M8 95
CUP-G75 75 17.8 M10 155
Item Code D Total height (H) Thread Power