Heavy-Duty Magnetic Swivel Ø42x16.5 mm

Item Code: CUP-J42


Pot magnet with swivel hook, ø = 42 mm, with 360° Rotating hook, magnet made of neodymium, pot made of steel, nickel-plated, strength approx. 60 kgs.

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further product details

  • Swivel hook provides versatility for holding many items.
  • Each magnet can support a weight of up to 60kg (approx. 132.276 lbs) vertically and 8kg (approx. 17.637 lbs) in a shear position.

Like all the other magnet hooks, it is especially suitable for mounting on the underside of steel beams to hold vertical loads. The adhesive force of the magnet mounted on a wall depends largely upon the smoothness of the wall surface. However, kitchen towels or lightweight tools can be hung without any problems.


  • None
Item Code D Total height (H) Power
CUP-J16 16 13 5
CUP-J25 25 15.5 17
CUP-J32 32 15.5 30
CUP-J36 36 15.1 40
CUP-J40 40 15.6 50
CUP-J42 42 16.5 60
Item Code D Total height (H) Power