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The neodymium pot magnets have a high clamping force. They support a maximum working temperature of 80ºC and on request we can supply parts for maximum working temperatures of 150ºC.

Pot magnet Ø16x13.5 mm, M4 Female threaded stud - Holds 5.5 kgs

Item Code: CUP-D16

Pot magnet with screw socket, ø = 16 mm, height 13.5 mm, with screw top (M4), magnet made of neodymium, pot made of steel, nickel-plated, strength approx. 5.5 kgs.

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The female thread stud of neodymium cup magnet is made of strong permanent magnet, it’s the most powerful magnet mounted into Nickel coating steel cup, the cup increase approx 5 times power of magnet and resistant magnet to chipping or cracking. This disc base neodymium magnet has approx. 5.5 kg (approx. 12.125 lbs) holding power. The threaded Female Stud is for M4 screw.

The round base magnets are also known as magnetic cup holders or magnetic cup assembly.


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Item Code Dia x Height Thread Power
CUP-D10 10 x 5 mm M3 x 7 2.2
CUP-D12 12 x 5 mm M3 x 7 3.2
CUP-D16 16 x 5.2 mm M4 x 8.3 5.5
CUP-D20 20 x 7.2 mm M4 x 7.8 9
CUP-D25 25 x 7.7 mm M5 x 9.3 22
CUP-D32 32 x 7.8 mm M6 x 10.2 34
CUP-D36 36 x 7.6 mm M6 x 10.9 41
CUP-D42 42 x 8.8 mm M6 x 10 68
CUP-D48 48 x 10.8 mm M8 x 13.2 81
CUP-D60 60 x 15 mm M8 x 13 113
CUP-D75 75 x 17.8 mm M10 x 17.2 164
Item Code Dia x Height Thread Power